What if I don’t have an insurance claim for my hail damage?

That is not a problem! There are two ways to go about getting repairs completed:

                 Insurance:  After you initiate a claim, we can assist by working with your insurance company and adjuster to help ease some of that stress for you

                 Out of pocket: We can do that too, just let us know if that is what you would like to do

We are here to help either way!

How long will I be without my vehicle?

The length of time that we will need your vehicle will depend on the amount and type of work to be completed. If you are leaving a car with hail damage on all panels, we will need the vehicle for 3-5 business days. If you are having us repair a door ding or minor hail damage, we will need the vehicle for 1-3 business days. 

Can PDR be completed on any type of dent?

PDR is not always able to be utilized to repair dents. Here are specific examples of when PDR cannot be completed:

✔ Damage to the metal: If a dent has sharp edges or torn metal ✔ Damage to the paint: if the paint inside the dent is scratched or broken ✔ Location of the dent: If the dent is located near the edge of a panel, it will be unaccessable ✔ Previous body work: if the location of the dent has had prior body work, the metal will not move the same

Our Master technician will be sure to advise you if he is unable to PDR the dent

There are all of these dent removal tools available, can’t I just pop the dent out on my own?

We do not recommend taking this route as these tools can very easily lead to more damage and more costly repairs. Our Master technicians are certified to utilize proper PDR techniques to repair the dents so your vehicle maitains its equity!


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